This Easy-to-Read Cheat Sheet Is the Air Fryer Accessory You're Missing, and It's Only $9

It's time to air fry.

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MOMO & NASHI Air Fryer Cheat Sheet Tout

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If you’re new to the world of air fryers, it can be exciting yet challenging to learn this way of cooking. The air fryer has become a popular kitchen accessory as it not only fries food using a small amount of oil but it can also roast, bake, broil, and reheat. There’s almost no function this appliance can’t do, and it is an easy way to get dinner on the table.  

But since you can cook so many different types of foods in an air fryer, you might frequently ask how long each needs to be cooked. There’s a quick way to find cooking times and tips — by using an air fryer cheat sheet. And, right now this top-rated one is just $9 at Amazon

MOMO & NASHI Air Fryer Cheat Sheet Magnets Cooking Guide Booklet


To buy: Momo & Nashi Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Set, $9 (originally $15) at

This air fryer cheat sheet has a magnet on the back so you can stick it on your fridge to keep it easily accessible. It has five categories that are separated out with brightly colored tabs that include bakery, desserts and snacks, poultry and seafood, lamb, pork and beef, legumes and vegetables, and a frozen section. Each of these categories includes tips and helpful information, such as a guide to steak temperature doneness, preferred weights for each item, temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celcius, along with cooking times. With over 120 foods listed in this cooking guide, you’ll never have to guesstimate again.

Best of all, this guide is waterproof, so can be wiped off easily if you spill on it. It’s also tear-proof since it’s made from PVC plastic. The guide is 7- by 6-inches with fonts that are clear and easy to read. And, if you don’t want to put it on your fridge, there is also a hook that can be used to hang it on a wall. 

Amazon shoppers love this air fryer cheat sheet giving it over 4,600 five-star ratings for how easy it is to use and how compatible it is with every kind of air fryer. One shopper writes that it’s “perfect for their needs” and really likes the magnet. They write that when it’s on the fridge they can “quickly flip up the pages to the one they want” and “it doesn’t stick out too much on the refrigerator door,” either. 

“This chart is easy to read and understand,” writes a second reviewer who is new to air frying. They go on to write that this is a “definite asset to learning how to effectively use their new air fryer.”

Whether you are a newcomer or have used an air fryer for a while, this air fryer cheat sheet is sure to come in handy. Grab it right now while it’s on sale for just $9 at Amazon. 

At the time of publishing the price was $9.

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