We Love the AeroPress for Pour-Over Coffee On-the-Go — Here’s Why

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Aeropress FW Fave

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Each morning as I settle into my day, I — along with the rest of the world — am met with the urge to caffeinate. While my drip coffee maker gets its fair share of use, I often reach for my AeroPress, a portable coffee maker with a reverent following that even the snobbiest coffee drinkers can’t help but praise.  

The AeroPress is perhaps the only coffee device on the market that bridges the gap between the portable needs of outdoor enthusiasts, those looking for value and convenience, and the coffee connoisseurs who expect quality with every sip. It boasts almost 20,000 five-star Amazon reviews, and the pickiest of coffee aficionados rarely have a sour word to say about this savvy product. But is it worth the hype?

A daily coffee consumer myself, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. As I write this review, a freshly brewed cup sits to my left, caffeinating my words forward. The AeroPress has taken residency in my kitchen cupboards for years, traveling with me from one apartment to another and never wavering or disappointing me with its consistent results.

Aeropress Original Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker


Price at time of publish: $40

  • Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Brew Type: Coffee, espresso, latte, and cold brew
  • Accessories: Tote bag, paper filters, stirrer, and coffee scooper
AeroPress accessories

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How to Use the AeroPress

Developed by the coffee-obsessed scientist Alan Adler who sought to improve the single-cup brewing process, the AeroPress uses a French press-like system with a few modifications that set the product apart from the otherwise traditional brewing system. The cylindrical device features a plunger that manually pushes water and coffee grounds through a paper filter into your mug. The result? Virtually no bitterness. 

The key to success is its quick brew time. Equipped with the knowledge that water with lower temperatures tends to make coffee sweeter, Adler was determined to prove that a shorter brew time would, too. After 40 prototypes, the AeroPress’s air-tight chamber was the game-changer. 

To use an AeroPress, simply place a filter in the filter cap and twist the filter cap onto the chamber. Next, pour coffee grounds (AeroPress recommends using somewhere between drip and espresso grind, or medium-to-fine) and hot water into the chamber, and allow the coffee to steep anywhere between 10 seconds to a few minutes. I like to walk away for a few minutes — the result is a stronger, more robust cup. Then, insert the separate plunger piece, pressing down and pausing when you feel resistance until your desired amount of coffee has reached your cup or you’ve hit the grounds. When finished, remove the filter cap, push the plunger to eject the grounds, and rinse to clean. A compatible mesh filter is also an option if you prefer a reusable filter. 

Due to its complete plastic construction, the durable product can be used liberally without fear of damage, and its materials are free of BPAs and phthalates. I’ve stowed it away on road trips or thrown it in my bag for weekends away, and it still feels as sturdy as the day it arrived.

AeroPress with water pouring in

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What I Love About the Aeropress

AeroPress’s ultimate selling point — without a doubt — is its low-in-acidity, unbelievably smooth, bitter-less taste. And while perfecting your desired grinds-to-water ratio may take a few tries, it’s easy to master in no time. 

The AeroPress also offers a completely customizable cup of coffee. It can naturally produce an espresso-strength brew, but users can add water to reach the desired strength. When I’m looking to sip instead of needing a quick hit of caffeine, I add a few ounces of water.  Fancy a cold brew during the summer months? Simply add cold water and ice to the coffee. Latte? Drop in the desired amount of your milk of choice. Recently, I’ve been using foamy oat milk made by my Nespresso machine for a barista-level latte at home. 

What’s more, the AeroPress has always been appropriately affordable. In an industry that often asks its patrons to shell out hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars to achieve coffee of this quality, the AeroPress almost feels like a secret too good to be true. 

The Caveats

As a single-cup brewer, the AeroPress produces just one cup at a time. If your household calls for a coffee maker with multi-cup capacity, the AeroPress is likely not the optimal solution.

In addition, as a brewing vessel only, the AeroPress offers no heat retention capability — similar to a French press or single-cup pour-over — like a drip coffee maker with a thermal carafe would. If you like to savor your coffee slowly without heat loss, we’d recommend using an insulated mug to keep your drink’s temperature at bay. 

And if you are bringing your AeroPress on the go, keep in mind you must bring your grounds along with you or acquire them during travel, adding to your pack. 

How It Compares

For hikers, boaters, or anyone on the go looking for an even smaller stowaway, AeroPress launched a more compact, all-in-one version. The AeroPress Go Portable Coffee Maker features a mug and lid to carry your cup along your travels and is slightly shorter in stature. It still employs the original’s brewing method and capabilities, and our editors recently dubbed it the best overall choice for campers

Alternatively, similar in design to the AeroPress is the Delter Coffee Press. Users of this device tend to report stronger brews. The Delter also allows users to add water if they find themselves low initially during the brewing process — a feature the AeroPress is without. Still, the resounding opinion seems to be a less-quality brew. At the same price point, we’ll continue reaching for the AeroPress.

AeroPress brewing

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Warranty Info

According to Amazon, AeroPress is “warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase from an authorized retailer.” The retailer suggests keeping your receipt as proof of purchase. 

The Verdict

The AeroPress couldn’t offer a more quality brew for its affordable price tag, ease of use, and versatility. Should mine eventually falter — although unlikely anytime soon due to its proven durability — would I repurchase it? I would, and I will continue recommending it to my friends, family, and anyone else who will listen to me sing its praises.

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