By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 29, 2014
Ira Glass could have eaten the other half of this waffle.
© Robin Marchant

Attention NPR nerds (a group of which we are part): you, yes you, could share brunch with the calming voice behind This American Life. Los Angeles public radio station KCRW has added a private mid-morning meal with Ira Glass following his show Three Acts, Two Dancers One Radio Host at UCLA’s Royce Hall. The show is on June 28, the brunch on June 29. You will have your meal in a private (and unnamed) residence so you will be protected from any NPR celebrity stalkers. You know the type, the middle-aged vegan dressed in nothing but tote bags who stands outside Jad Abumrad’s window with a boombox over his head playing Carl Kasell’s voice on a loop.

Tickets are limited and will probably sell out quickly. But finding out how Ira takes his coffee comes with a price. A single brunch invite will run you $350. If you want the VIP package, which includes 10 brunch passes, This American Life t-shirts, special acknowledgement during a radio broadcast and a private photo session with Ira, it will be $10,000. KCRW is quick to note however, that $8500 of that is tax deductible and proceeds help support the public radio station.

The menu has not been announced, but we’d be willing to bet the words “organic” and “cage-free” will be all over it.

All brunch packages also come with tickets to Three Acts, which Ira describes as “just like the radio show, um, if you picture dancing during all the stories.”

The combination of dancing and story telling is continuing its nationwide tour through early next summer and even if you aren’t really a brunch person, you can still get tickets for a performance in a city near you.As always we would like to thank Mr. Torey Malatia for his tireless support.