10 U.S. Restaurants Made This List of the World's 50 Best Pizzerias — Here's Where to Find Them

Don't worry, an Italian spot was named number one.

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We can probably all agree that even an average slice of pizza isn’t that bad, purely because it’s pizza. But it is nice to know there are pies out there that can change your life — and that there are websites dedicated to sharing exactly where you can find them. 

In early December, the travel site Big 7 Travel unveiled its annual list of the 50 best pizza joints in the world. Although its top-ranked spot is appropriately Italian, there are a few surprise destinations in the mix, too. 

According to Big 7, the world’s best pizza is served at 10 by Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria in Naples, Italy

“10 by Diego Vitagliano offers something really special,” the site explains about its choice. “As well as a superb Margherita and Marinara, Vitagliano injects real culinary creativity into his more contemporary iterations [...] The team here only uses high-quality seasonal ingredients, and there isn’t a single pizza on the menu that will set you back more than €10 ($10.60).” 

Vitagliano was the only Neapolitan pizzaiolo to make the Big 7 list, which may come as a shock to many. After all, Naples takes the art of pizza-making seriously — so seriously that UNESCO recognized its process for making pizza on its Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. 

The rest of the Big 7 Travel’s Top 10 pizza spots included: 

2. Ken’s Artisan Pizza, Portland, Oregon 
3. Peppe Pizzeria, Paris, France
4. The Good Son, Toronto, Canada
5. Seu Pizza Illuminati, Rome, Italy
6. Pizzeria Bedia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
7. 48h Pizza e gnocchi, Melbourne, Australia 
8. La Pizza è Bella, Brussels, Belgium 
9. Via Toledo Enopizzeria, Vienna, Austria
10. What the Crust, Cairo, Egypt 

Several more U.S.-based pizzerias made the complete list, including Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco; Bricco Coal Fired Pizza, Westmont, New Jersey; Del Popolo, San Francisco; Buddy’s Pizza, Detroit; Pijja Palace, Los Angeles; Pizza Delicious, New Orleans; Pequod’s, Chicago, and Ops, Brooklyn, NY. 

For any New Yorkers who may be up in arms that nothing from the other four boroughs made Big 7’s list, just know you don’t need to panic. There are plenty of other lists out there, including Food & Wine’s list of the Best Pizzas in Every State or this older list of the Best Pizza Places in the U.S., which should surely please New Yorkers and everyone else around the nation, too. 

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