By FWx Editors
Updated May 09, 2014
Sunday is her day. She'll drink if she wants to.
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Sunday is Mother’s Day and chances are good that you’ll be taking mom out to a delicious brunch or preparing one for her at home. And if you aren’t, what the hell is wrong with you? But the thing about brunch is that it often comes with unlimited Bloody Mary’s or mimosas. And the thing about moms is that access to unlimited Bloody Mary’s or mimosas is not always a good idea. We’ve polled FWx insiders for the signs that it’s probably time to call for the check, or sneak out the back door.

1. She starts whispering when she tells a story.

We have always appreciated that unlike most of our friends who start screaming after too many drinks, moms usually tone things down. But when she starts sounding conspiratorial with your boyfriend or whispering about your stupid hijinks as a teenager, it's still unfortunately audible.

2. She wants to take a selfie.

She wants you to take it but she doesn’t want you to be in it. Maybe tomorrow you will explain to her why it’s called a selfie.

3. She tells you she’s “about to get tipsy.”

Bad news everyone. If she’s telling you it’s about happen, it’s already too late.

4. She starts getting a little handsy.

Just gently remind her that waiters are people too. And they will probably drop that tray of French toast if she keeps grabbing them to get their attention.

5. She starts reading the cards out loud.

It was so much better when she was whispering. Now everyone in the restaurant knows how supportive she was through your very recent breakup. Including all the people at the table who did not know you just went through a very recent breakup. Maybe she can set you up with that waiter she’s been touching all morning.

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