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Updated July 11, 2014
Is there anyone who isn't in love with Wendy Peffercorn?
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Never mind Think Like a Man Too and that inexplicable Transformers sequel to the sequel to the sequel, which we will probably see but just ironically. A good summer movie takes us right back to the days of getting dropped off by our parents at the theater, sneaking into R-rated movies and always getting the giant soda just because it came with free refills. Scenes like Squints Palledorous and Wendy Peffercorn finally sharing their first kiss and Gene's epic speech in Wet Hot American Summer also offer us a welcome dose of seasonal nostalgia, but we want to know what does it for you. We just joined Milq, a new social platform for curating video and audio clips into lists on topics as diverse as "If You Were a Disco DJ? and Best of Bill Murray. To kick things off, we started a "bead" on the ultimate summer movies, but you can search and post your own favorite clips in the stream here. To get in on all the conversations sign up at and follow us.