By Zach Brooks
Updated August 29, 2014
Starting Line's Kenny Vasoli
© Matt Schwartz

Few musicians ever make a stylistic jump as extreme as pop-punk to electronic indie rock, but the Starting Line’s Kenny Vasoli has made it look easy with his latest project, Vacationer. Their new album Relief would be the perfect sound track to any trip around the world, so we asked Kenny what five things he would like to have waiting backstage when he’s on tour.

1. Icelandic tap water. “I know it’s boring, but water and sleep are my two favorite things in the whole world and they’re free. Icelandic tap water is the tastiest water I’ve ever tasted. Maybe it’s because you expect tap water to have that coppery aftertaste to it, but over there it tastes like it’s been double-filtered. And it’s always freezing when it comes out of the tap.... So I guess what I want is a permanent tap that’s hooked into the Icelandic water system.”

2. Blue Dream weed. “I don’t think it’s a shocker to anybody that I like that. It’s a nice heavy, heady kind of high. It’s also bright and sugary tasting, and kind of citrusy too, so it pairs well with an Arnold Palmer and pretty much any food you can imagine.”

3. Gluten-free pizza. Specifically from 12th & Porter in Nashville. “We played a show there last time we were in town, and the show was OK but the pizza was awesome. I’m trying to do the gluten-free thing, and pizza’s the hardest part of it. Usually it’s too crispy, or just seems like it’s air dried and doesn’t have that floppy thing that good pizza usually has. And somehow this pizza still has that doughy flop to it.”

4. Cold-brew iced coffee. “I have one of those Toddy things, but you can make it with anything. Just grind up a bag of coffee coarsely and throw it in with seven cups of cold water. Let it sit for 12 hours and strain it in the morning. I like going to my local organic market and grabbing a bunch of beans and making a blend.”

5. Stroopwafels. “In Amsterdam I was living off these things. They’re these Dutch cookies that are like two mini little waffles with caramel. It looks like a tough, crumbly kind of cookie, but then you bite into it and it’s deceivingly soft and chewy.”