By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 22, 2015
© Rob Walls / Alamy

Between the beautiful beaches, charming accents and beers we’re pretty sure only come in very large sizes, there are many reasons we’re jealous of Australia. But thanks to a popular new petition, we might soon be jealous of what Australians keep in their wallets too.

Though it certainly began as a joke in response to a drop in commodity prices, a movement to change the name of the Australian currency from the dollar to the dollarydoo now has close to 60,000 supporters. The name, as any Simpsons fan knows, comes from an episode in which Bart makes a 900 dollarydoo collect call to an unfortunate sap in the outback.

If the petitioners get their way, it will be just one more way that their version of the English language is about a million tiddlytimes more fun than ours. (that’s the way they make those comparisons in Australia, right?)

But with dollarydoos gaining momentum, this seemed like as good a time as any to look at all the great words the Aussies use.

1. Elevenses: Mid-morning coffee break
2. Dinnies: Dinner
3. Sanger: Sandwich
4. Caulie: Cauliflower
5. Rice Bubbles: Rice Krispies
6. Conserve: Jelly
7. Cocky’s Joy: A syrup
8. Mudbugs: Crayfish
9. Snag: Sausage
10. Macca’s: McDonald’s
11. Chockie: Chocolate
12. Fairy Floss: Cotton Candy
13. Goog: Egg
14. Chewie: Gum