100 Restaurants Worth a Pilgrimage



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100 Restaurants Worth a Pilgrimage

F&W polled dozens of our favorite globe-trotting chefs to find out what restaurants they're dying to go to. Here, the chefs' fantastic picks.



Legendary Chefs

Barcelona’s Pakta

Barcelona: Pakta

Gastronaut Spanish brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià assembled a team of Peruvian and Japanese chefs for this 30-seat annex to their hard-to-book spot Tickets. Inspired by Nikkei cuisine (created by Japanese expats using regional ingredients in Peru), dishes include nigiri-causas, a type of sushi served over potato cakes instead of rice.

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Editor’s Pick

  At Narisawa in Toyko, reverence for the natural world informs chef Yoshihiro Narisawa’s ethereal 10-course tasting menus. His famous dishes include soil soup, made by boiling soil from his village with burdock root to distill the essence of the earth’s flavor.
Toronto’s Richmond Station
Top Chef Destination

Toronto: Richmond Station

Top Chef Canada winner Carl Heinrich put his prize money toward this sophisticated New Canadian comfort food spot with house-made charcuterie and lobster tempura. His hearty meat dishes include a must-try juicy short rib-stuffed burger, served with radish salad and rosemary fries.

Tel Aviv: Mizlala by Meir Adoni
Middle East Nightspot

Tel Aviv: Mizlala by Meir Adoni

A dance club vibe belies the fantastic cooking by chef Meir Adoni, of the high-end Catit. Adoni serves casual offerings like milk-fed lamb souvlaki with pickled lemons and also pays homage to classic Jewish cooking with decidedly nonkosher ingredients such as pork belly.