Of all the wonderful things we think of pairing with wine, exercise isn’t among them. Historically, alcohol and exercise have been either/or propositions. Drinking before working out can cause an oxygen shortage, interfere with metabolizing carbs into energy, and prevent muscles from repairing themselves. That’s the bad news.   The good news is that, as it turns out, you can indeed exercise and drink on the same day—and sometimes even in the course of a single yoga class (though for the most part, we’d recommend drinking the wine after you do the workout). In recent years, a slew of health retreats around the country have started recognizing the mindfulness connection between savoring great wine and finding yourself during a restorative workout—and they’re exploring interesting ways to celebrate the combination.   Here, we find the top hotels and vineyards around the country that combine workouts and wine in a deliciously relaxing setup.—Nadine Jolie Courtney

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