White Wine

White wine is much more than red wine’s summer sister. That’s not to say that on a hot day we don’t love a glass of refreshing, easy-drinking Vinho Verde or Pinot Gris (wines that the French call vins de soif or literally “wines of thirst”) but white wines can be also complex and expressive; think of the layered flavors in a White Bordeaux or the tantalizing floral acidity of a dry Riesling. Whether we choose a bottle that’s honeyed and mellow or bright or crisp, white wines are a go-to for parties; they’re food-friendly and tend to be easier on the wallet than reds, in part because great whites can be enjoyed younger. For a list of white wine superstars, the best wines for beating the heat, and a handbook to the world’s bench mark whites, check out our F&W guide to white wine.

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