5 Rule-Breaking Winemakers to Know

© Getty Images/First Light
These five talents are crafting rule-breaking wines in some very unlikely places. 

Angela Osborne: A Tribute to Grace, California

Osborne’s approach to findinga great Grenache vineyard?Go way off the beaten path. Forher that means planting vines on a mountain in a far corner of Santa Barbara County.

Sean O'Keefe: Mari Vineyards, Michigan

His wines are proving that 
the Old Mission Peninsula—jutting out near Traverse City—belongs among the world’s great Riesling terroirs.

Deirdre Heekin: La Garagista, Vermont

Heekin has shown 
she can grow grapes (biodynamically, 
no less) in Vermont’s often frosty climes, producing vibrant whites, reds and rosés.

Mac Forbes: Mac Forbes Wines, Australia

Forget super-ripe Shiraz—Yarra Valley star Forbes’s elegant, restrained Pinot Noirs and delicate Chardonnays can rival some of Burgundy’s finest.

Dominik Huber: Terroir al Limit, Spain

Driven by his Burgundian sensibility, Huber creates single-plot, old-vine bottlings that reveal that the Priorat’s wines can be graceful and aromatic 
as well as dense and powerful.

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