Why You Should Give Red Wine and Sushi a Try

© Linda Xiao
One way to break the wine rules.

The rule against drinking red wine with fish has been soundly debunked, but the idea of pairing Burgundy with sushi, for instance, still feels like a step too far. Try it, though, and you’ll wonder why you’ve always defaulted to sake or beer.

At New York’s Sushi Nakazawa, beverage director Garrett Smith loves uncorking Burgundy and 
even richer California reds with chef Daisuke Nakazawa’s 20-course omakase menus. Above (pictured) is a favorite wine match for shrimp and mackerel: an earthy Beaujolais (2014 Guy Breton Morgon Vieilles Vignes). Says Smith, “It brings out the sweetness of the fish.” sushinakazawa.com.

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