3 Offbeat Wine Lists to Try

© Maxime Giordani, Courtesy of Freek's Mill
Ambitious restaurants across the country are getting supergeeky about single regions, going all out for big bottles and playing a game called Blind Vine.

Freek’s Mill, Brooklyn

Sommelier Alex Alan’s list focuses almost solely on Loire Valley Chenin Blanc and Beaujolais—wines that 
are ideal with the vegetable-forward flavors of chef Chad Shaner’s menu. freeksmill.com

Louie’s Gen-Gen Room, San Francisco

This slinky, subterranean bar beneath Liholiho Yacht Club offers a short list of natural wines by the glass. The fun part? They’re all poured from magnums or larger bottles. liholiho

Harvest Table, St. Helena, CA

At Charlie Palmer’s farm-
to-table Napa Valley spot, wine director Sasha Hagenlock pours Blind Vine bottles: The diner knows only the grape variety and the price. harvesttablenapa.com

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