3 Eastern European Wines to Try

© Getty Images/RooM RF
Surprisingly sophisticated wines from Croatia, Romania and Georgia. 

Don’t write off these bottles because 
they were locked for decades behind 
the Iron Curtain (or because their 
names are hard 
to pronounce). Countries like Romania, Croatia and Georgia have been making wine for thousands of years, and great examples are now coming to our shores.


2011 Zlatan Otok Plavac Sibenik ($20)
 Dalmatian Coast red rich in plum and spice flavors.


2015 Cramele Recas Dreambird Pinot Noir ($8)
 A bright, crystalline rendition of the classic grape.


2013 Orgo Kakheti 
Rkatsiteli ($25)
 Robust, tea-scented, golden-hued white.

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