Is Nashville the New Wine Destination?

© Luis Garcia
The women behind Salt & Vine are determined to convert this bourbon-and-beer town into—surprise—a wine destination.

The duo who launched Salt & Vine, 
a fantastic new wine bar, bottle shop 
and food market in West Nashville, agree on just about everything—except their playlist. Mattie Jackson is country all the way, which is no surprise: Her father is singer-songwriter Alan Jackson. Hannah Schneider, meanwhile, loves old-school R&B and hip-hop. This difference of opinion just means 
that the music at Salt & Vine is as eclectic as the wine list. Jackson is a certified sommelier and puts together a rotating list of 25 wines by the glass. You might find classics like Montebuena Rioja as well 
as a few bottlings that she calls “screwballs,” like the dry Mayu Pedro Ximénez from Chile, a refreshing white that works well with the vegetable dishes on the menu. 

Jackson, a Nashville native (“which essentially makes me a unicorn, since no one else is from here”), moved back two years ago from Austin. “I saw what was happening with wine in Nashville and thought, I have to go home,” she says. Now she and Schneider preside over their all-day hangout 
spot in the emerging Sylvan Heights neighborhood where people come for coffee in the morning, sandwiches at lunch and global small plates for dinner. The vibe is laid-back and fun, with to-go drinks served in paper cups stamped with three options: regular, decaf, wine. “You won’t find 
a server in a tie crumbing your table here,” Jackson says.

For Mattie Jackson's top 5 places to drink in Nashville, click through this slideshow.

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