Michigan has burst onto the American wine scene over the course of the past several decades. From a handful of producers in the 1970s, Michigan now hosts over 100 wineries drawing from 2,700 acres of vineyards, making it the fifth largest wine producing state in the U.S. Though the vineyards exist throughout the state, the vast majority are clustered along the contours of Lake Michigan, where the “lake effect” moderates the climate, extending the growing season and protecting the vines from severe cold in the winter. With additional vintages under their belts, Michigan’s producers are becoming increasingly adept at growing European style vinifera grapes, and now they’re replacing the old hybrids—like Seyval Blanc and Chambourcin, for example—with new stars like Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Franc. Here, some of the most exciting places to experience the Michigan wine renaissance. —Richard Nalley

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