Wine Regions

The world of wine is vast. Innumerable bottles are produced at countless vineyards all across the globe—but thankfully there’s a system in place to help categorize this output. More specific than country of origin and less overwhelming than appellations, if you are familiar with wine regions, you can understand the general characteristics of a wine. Thanks to their unique geographies and climates, each region is best suited to growing certain grapes. In Bordeaux, France, for example, red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot thrive, while just north in the Loire, the river and warmer climate are better suited for white grapes like Sauvignon Blanc. Our F&W guide to wine regions introduces the classic regions and also spotlights exciting and lesser-known areas that are producing wines that should be on your radar right now.

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Food & Wine: Chef Dispatch: Jeremiah Stone's Guide to Sydney
Chef Dispatch: Jeremiah Stone's Guide to Sydney
As part of the legendary rivalry between Australia’s two biggest cities, Melbourne 
likes to claim supremacy when it comes to food. But don’t 
tell that to the crop of chefs now raising the bar in Sydney. Or to our sister title Travel + Leisure’s readers, who selected Sydney as the region’s top food destination—just ahead of Melbourne—in the 2017 World’s Best Awards. Eager for a closer look at Sydney’s humming dining scene, we tagged along with 2016 F&W Best New Chef alum Jeremiah Stone for a tour of the city’s top restaurants. “The vibe is young, with lots 
of energy,” says Stone. “Chefs who 
left to work abroad are coming back and 
creating their own style.” Read on 
for his favorite finds. —Elyse Inamine

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