Wine has been produced for thousands of years, which makes it no small feat that its popularity is still on the rise. The F&W guide to wine puts everything you need to know in one place, whether you are interested in buying, tasting, pairing, or learning about wines. If your goal is to better understand what you’re drinking, check out features like 15 Rules for Great Wine and Food Pairings, and if you're just looking great wines to buy, check out our roundups of the best $15-and-under bottles. Getting to try new wines is one of the joys of traveling, that’s why the F&W editors have curated lists of the their favorite places to drink wine across the globe. There are also top picks for producers, so you can visit amazing wines at the source.

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Food & Wine: Top 10 Grower Champagnes
Top 10 Grower Champagnes
The biggest change over the past decade has been the rise of “grower” Champagnes from unknown to ultra-popular. Essentially the opposite of the wines made by the big houses, these come from individual, family-owned vineyards, often farmers turned winemakers who used to sell their grapes to the grandes marques. Grower Champagnes aren’t necessarily better or worse than those from the big houses, but they do tend to reflect vineyard character more directly. (They can be identified by the letters RM on the label, which stand for récoltant-manipulant, meaning 
a producer who grows grapes and makes wine only from his or her own vines.) These 10 winners from our tastings at F&W are more than worth seeking out.—Ray Isle

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