Yoshi Okai, Best New Chef 2017

The head chef at Otoko in Austin, TX incorporates Texas ingredients, kaiseki culture and his own musical sensibilities into a 3-hour sushi service.

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My name is Yoshi Okai, from Austin, Texas. I am the head chef from Otoko. The second that I tasted my first bite at Otoko, Yoshi Okai's restaurant in Austin, I knew that I was looking at a best new chef. [FOREIGN] Yoshi came to the states and has lived in Austin for a very long time and he actually has a sort of a parallel career as a musician. He takes his music very seriously. He talks about his cooking in sort of musical terms. [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] He'll talk about how the Rolling Stones or the Beatles have this sort of Core identity as musicians but they adapted very smartly over the years to new audiences so they can still a modern a classic and just be a sort of like timeless musical style. And he talks about his cooking in the same way. Always people change so how can I say always they modify but still have my own [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] Yoshio Kai is a rock 'n roll sushi chef. What I love about Yoshio Kai's food at Otoko is that it has so much personality. It's a tasty menu, and it's a real experience. It's almost like going to the theater and you're sitting down at the sushi counter with these beautiful lights, and just having this Really immersive experience. [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] He has this real sense of vitality and this urgency to keep it fresh and continue to challenge himself. [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Yoshi Okai, Best New Chef 2017