Yeast Bakery in Nashville

A star of F&W's Around the World Network, influencer Emily Elyse Miller of Trends on Trends took us on a tour of some of Nashville's best places to eat, including Yeast Bakery. Watch the clip to see how they make their signature sweet and savory kolaches—stuffed with either fruit filling, or Texas-style, with sausage. See Nashville's best breakfast sandwich here.

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Hi this is Sara with East Nashville. We are in East Nashville, Tennessee. We're a bakery that specializes in Collachi's. We do the Czcheck style of Collachi's which is circular with fruit filling or cream cheese filling, kind of like a Danish but the dough's a little more dense and a little more sweet [MUSIC] The world pilachi itself means sweet dough or sweet bread. And then in Texas there's a big czech population and they take that same dough and they stuff it with savory items. So either sausage and cheese or bacon egg and cheese or just any variety of a savory thing with Same dough. We also do cinnamon rolls, muffins, bread pudding, any type of a little breakfast thing. [MUSIC]
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Yeast Bakery in Nashville