World's Best Chocolate Cake Might Be in Lisbon

Landeau Chocolate is a charming place where you can relax with an espresso, alongside their only menu item: divine chocolate cake. Sofia Landeau developed the recipe with exquisite chocolate, and it's already won the hearts of many locals and tourists.—Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo of Little Upside Down Cake (@littleupsidedowncake) and F&W’s Around the World Network.

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We are at Landeau Chocolat in Alex Factory. We sell only one thing which is chocolate cake, and they say it's the best chocolate cake in the world, but it's up to the people who come and try it. What I would say that makes our chocolate cake special is that we make it with the best chocolate It's not just a chocolate cake, it's the way people feel about the experience of coming to us and trying the chocolate cake. So it's, I guess, attention to detail and the love to our customers and chocolate of course. For coming by and for listening to us and I hope to see you soon in our shop.
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World's Best Chocolate Cake Might Be in Lisbon