Why You Should Dress the Part at a Nice Restaurant

In this video from Chefs Feed, chef Stefan Terje explains why it's worth dressing appropriately when dining out.

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What the **** are you doing? Guys that are dressed like crap in a nice restaurant. [SOUND] I see people all the time they kinda slumbers in with a shirt untucked, baggy pants and a baseball cap on backwards You didn't get the memo? This is a nice place. You know. Put some effort into it. You look like a slob. [LAUGH] Yeah, I think it disappoints other people too. You know, you have somebody coming in celebrating a birthday or an anniversary and they look over next to the next table and You got a guy that he looks like he came from a baseball game. Just because we have a white tablecloth, this doesn't mean that guys have to wear Armani suits. But do a little bit of research. What kind of place is it? Look the part and you're gonna be really cool. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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Why You Should Dress the Part at a Nice Restaurant