Why Chef Magnus Nilsson Created The Nordic Cookbook

Mega-chef Magnus Nilsson explains the motivation for The Nordic Cookbook, his massive and brilliant new volume available to buy now.

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[SOUND] [MUSIC] One of the main reasons for me to make this book was that people, even within the region, within the Nordics, don't really know that much about food culture, the collective food culture, of the whole area You know a bit about your food culture for your little part. But since the Nordic is such a vast geographical area, there's a lot of diversity and variation. People don't really know about that. So that was to me a main motivation. To make a book like this, which is so big, there is so much content. There is 730 recipes, or something like that. It's a much bigger project than at least I thought it was gonna be from the begging. I think the biggest challenge is throughout the whole thing was just to try to keep it organized and actually produce content. Not just gathering masses of information about, just becomes nothing. And to me It was really important through the whole process not to mix my opinions into the recipe content. It's actually really difficult to pick favorites like that because the book is about representing the whole Nordic region rather than representing my kind of viewpoint of things. Most cookbooks previously published on Cooking from my home region. They are either just not good or there are a good selection of recipes but they don't really supply any complex. Which is makes it quite difficult to understand, like, where the recipes come from and like why they make sense and, you know, stuff like that. Recipe competence is not intellectual Working. It doesn't belong to any specific person because that, no one invents them really. Even stuff that we have at Faviken that we might have created there from original research it's not, I don't consider that our intellectual property. So I don't mind sharing recipes and stuff like that. I don't think that you know, we should limit yourself Sit on those things. Like we have no values to share them to. [BLANK_AUDIO] There are two things that I think are really important. One is that, obviously you have to keep cooking because otherwise it's a very difficult to become better technically. But while you're doing that it's It's also very important to be open to other things, to do other things. For me, I always written things, I've always photographed, music, paint, because all the other things to experience in life are going to feed back into your creative outlet, which for me, most of the time, is the cooking And if you just cook all the time like, very little true development is gonna happen. So next is to finish the book tour [LAUGH] and then go back Get to Sweden and spend some time with my family at the restaurant basically. [MUSIC]
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Why Chef Magnus Nilsson Created The Nordic Cookbook