Why Bourbon and Worcestershire Make an Excellent Drink

In this clip from Chefs Feed, co-chef Jori Jayne of Fish & Game explains the inspiration behind the restaurant's unique drink, the Dick & Jayne.

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Do I have good books behind me? [MUSIC] It was a meatopia. We were doing lamb burgers with my worcestershire and I had some worcestershire left over. And our booth was next to the George Dickle Bourbon booth. I, you know, was at an event, so of course I was drunk and Was drinking the bourbon, and I was like, oh, we should mix the [UNKNOWN] with the bourbon, because they age it in bourbon barrels. So I did one, I thought it was great. And our whole booth started doing one. And then we had a whole line of people that had heard. So we named the drink the **** and Jane. The George Dipple and Jane. We have it on the menu now. Some people are a little reluctant, but once they have it, they totally get it. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Why Bourbon and Worcestershire Make an Excellent Drink