White's Mercantile in Nashville

A star of F&W's Around the World Network, influencer Emily Elyse Miller of Trends on Trends took us on a tour of some of Nashville's best places to eat, drink and shop, including White's Mercantile. Watch the clip to find out why it's a must-stop shop for Nashville provisions.

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[MUSIC] Hey, my name is Holly Williams. I am based in Nashville, Tennessee. And this is my general store for the modern day taste maker called Light's Mercantile. So I'm gonna show you a few of my favorite locally made products I love carbs. This is one of my favorite pancake mixes from Outdoorable girl in East Nashville. She's got a gluten free mix and this one's the regular nine whole grains small batch milk. It's amazing. These little biscuit mixes from Bluebird biscuits, a chef in town, this is the sweet potato version. Then he has a buttermilk sea salt that's to die for. This is a fabulous brew bread from a mother son team And you just add a whole can of beer and stir it up, bake it. It's amazing. Flavors like green chili pepper and garlic and rosemary.
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White's Mercantile in Nashville