Where to Get the Best Ramen in Tennessee

This ramen topped with pork confit is a must-try.

Chef Sarah Gavigan brings incredible Japanese food to Nashville at her popular ramen shop, Otaku Ramen. In this video from Chefs Feed, Gavigan shows off her amazing TN Tonkotsu made with creamy pork bone broth, thin, springy ramen noodles, pork confit, woodear mushrooms and black garlic oil.

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Our most popular ramen is the Tennessee Tonkotsu which is my regional variation on the very famous Tonkotsu Ramen. You would think that it wouldn't hold up because of this town but it does. The pig plays a really big role in Nashville because of barbecue and it's just a part of the culinary fabric here. I've tried to do a more traditional Japanese serving of the pork. But the pork [UNKNOWN] is really what most everybody is used to here. So while the noodle's cooking, we'll add the concentrated seasoning in, if that Shoyu, [UNKNOWN] or miso, then we add the broth, then we add the noodle, And then we assemble the topics. Mayu which is a black garlic oil and then pork [UNKNOWN], green scallion, Half of an eight minute Ramen egg. Then, we use Whittier mushroom and that's the bowl of Ramen. I lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and I relocated here six years ago but when I got here, the things that I fell in love with about food didn't die and there was really no Japanese food, and certainly no ramen. So introducing a soup that was made of a pork broth was not a far cry. People go, " yea, I know what that is." And they were hungrier for it than I thought.
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Where to Get the Best Ramen in Tennessee