Where to Eat in Los Angeles

Nilou Motamed and Sarah Spagnolo spotlight four of the best places to eat in Los Angeles.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Nilou. And I'm Sarah. And we're excited to walk about where to eat in LA where I grew up. No trip to LA would be complete without a stop at Animal, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo's ode to refined dude food. It's right next to Canter's an awesome old deli. Now the menu changes all the time but anything Port central really is at the top of my list. Well for lighter farm to table style food, I love Gjelina on Abbot Kinney in Venice. It's always a scene wether you sit by the fire-pit by the pack patio, or at one of two communal tables. My favorite dish is the squash blossom and baryta pizza from the restaurant's very own brick over. Speaking of pizza, I know you've been to pizzeria. Nancy Silverton's Neapolitan pies are among the best in the world. Supposedly, her secret is a pinch of buckwheat in the dough. But you know what? Don't try to make them at home. This is a pizza that you should go to Pizzeria Mozza to have. Granted, there's a long wait, but that sausage pie that they have is just to die for. And downtown, head to Spice table for a red hot take on Singapore Vietnamese fusion, which of course, is definitely a trend right now. In the know locals line up for Chef Bryant Ng's addictive Bahn Mi sandwiches at lunch time. Thank you for watching. Save a bite for us. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Where to Eat in Los Angeles