What Makes a Great City Hotel

Nancy Novogrod shares what makes a top urban escape, from the importance of seamless service to a top concierge.

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[MUSIC] What I look for in a great city hotel is seamless service. I don't want to experience too much courtesy, too much Discomfort getting in and out. But I'm also looking for a concierge who is a great guide. I want insider information on the destination. I want the hotel to work as a kind of access point to where I am. I want them not to give me the you know the tourist favorites or the places they give to all the other guests. I want to have information tailored to my interests and needs. I don't want to see people like myself. I want to see some real people who live there. The challenge of course is that every place has become so international That it's something that maybe You really have to work to see that. You really have to work hard, but I love that.
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What Makes a Great City Hotel