What is Lowcountry Style

Tall ceilings, raised living spaces, and elegant exteriors are just a few of the defining features of Lowcountry style.

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[MUSIC] I would define the Low Country style, you know, as basically a raised living area. You're gonna have a masonry lower level of some sort that's usually a little more utilitarian. I mean, traditionally, you would have kept horses underneath there. And then the living spaces are actually elevated on the upper floors. So you'll have a fairly grand, or elaborate stairwell that would peel off the front and go up to an upper living area. And, for a couple reasons, I mean Lowcountry floods, so that's you know, part of it, so it's a practicality to it. So it's also there's where the breezes are. Lowcountry's hot, [LAUGH], so, The higher you get, the more you have the breezes, and the low country house would generally have tall ceilings. I think here we certainly tried to capture the porches and the space and the openness. I see it as more low country in spirit. [MUSIC]
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What is Lowcountry Style