What to Drink at London's Poco

Issy Croker and Meg Abbott, the photographers and writers behind The Curious Pear, are the London stars of F&W's Around the World Network. Here, they reveal the city's obsession with Bloody Marys—who knew? Watch the clip to see how the Bloodies are made at their favorite day-drinking spot, Poco.

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We're Meg and Issy, we live in Hackney, and today we're going to the beach for a Bloody Mary at Poco. [CROSSTALK] I think it's a cold truth Bloody Marys are a good excuse to start drinking earlier. There's less stigma attached for drinking in the day, if it's a Bloody Mary. There's something really iconic about Bloody Marys, especially in London. It's kinda what everyone wants on a Sunday morning. London's like this, it's a busy city. People like to play hard, as hard as they work. Far and away the best way to take the edge off a hang over. It takes a beet over a bloody mary, it's a lot more refreshing. It's a good excuse to get some units down you.
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What to Drink at London's Poco