Watch: When Lazy Bear Met Taco Maria

In this clip from Chefs Feed, Barzelay teams up with guest chef Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria.

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Lazy Bear is all about getting people together and giving them what we hope is amazing food in more of a social way. A lot of fine dining tends to be in a subdued environment. That's not what I want. I really want Talk about it and celebrate the food. [MUSIC] What we cook is generally very rooted in America, in the sense of Americana, and nostalgia, and the food that we grew up with. When we started doing some guest chef dinners, Carlos was one of the first people I thought of. I think we decided right away that We would aim for a Mexican inspired flavor profile. With his blue corn masa, we make cornbread and then do a blue corn masa crema on top. And then caviar. There's kind of a synthesis of what Carlos does, and what we aim for. [MUSIC]
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Watch: When Lazy Bear Met Taco Maria