Watch: Nashville Chef Sarah Gavigan Reads Bad Reviews

Not all reviews are positive.

"The avocado tasted like an avocado." Shocking! In this clip from Chefs Feed, star chef Sarah Gavigan of Nashville's Otaku Ramen reads and responds to some of her restaurant's colorful reviews.

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[MUSIC] [LAUGH] Little Octopus is basically a Tapas joint for yuppy wannabe hipsters and pretentious vegans that tries to be an upscale exploration of rare ingredients and fresh tastes. Even though many of the dishes that we make have been around for hundreds of years. The place was an oozing puss pool of uber hipsters and man buns, flannel and coffee shop worker attitude. Yes, there are a lot of hipsters in East Nashville. Worst ramen place ever. Ever? Tiny bowls for the gourmet price and decidedly decent but non-gourmet food. Ramen's not gourmet food. This is pretty clearly a cash grab to get in on the Ramen craze. I'm about to buy a yacht, absolutely, with a 33 seat Ramen restaurant I am killing it, I am raking in the dollars. The avocado tasted like an avocado [LAUGH] With some crunchy onion bits on top. Exactly. [LAUGH] And I think my personal favorite is could I get the ramen without the noodles. That's not ramen. That's just soup. So. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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Watch: Nashville Chef Sarah Gavigan Reads Bad Reviews