Watch Jamie Bissonnette Make Tortilla Española with Potato Chips

In the first episode of The College Try, our collaboration with Spoon University, chef Jamie Bissonnette makes tortilla Española with just eggs, olive oil and potato chips.

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My name is Jamie Bissonnette from Toro in Coppa Boston and Toro NYC. And I am at Spoon University with Food & Wine, and I'm gonna show you how to hack a tortilla espanola using potato chips. [SOUND] Tortilla Espanola, it's a typical tapas you'll see in Spain, they've got eggs, sometimes onions and potatoes and ton of olive oil, three simple ingredients. We'll use some salt and pepper and we'll go with the busted out. I can get as good as you would get in Spain. We'll take bowls to crack our eggs. Round 1 [MUSIC] You win. Just fold in the yolks to the whites till they look 90% homogeneous. You don't want it to look one color. The other ingredient for this dish is going to be potato chips. They'll kind of Get soft and still remain a little bit crunchy. Potato chips are also my favorite food so. Black pepper, just a little bit of salt. Crush them up a little bit. Now you can kind of let it go. This is where you crack open a beer and you forget about it for about a minute. Eggs are carmelizing. It's gonna be great. Finish him. Here we are. Super simple tortilla Espanola with eggs potato chips. Wanna take it up [INAUDIBLE] with you. Round two. Take the bag bring it with you. It's the perfect little to go bag. Walk around you're at the bar. You can eat it right out of that. That was so great. Carmelized, carmelized potato chips, the nutty-ness of the egg. It's crispy, it's nutty, it's creamy, it's a perfect late night snack. Good luck. [SOUND] Game over. [SOUND]
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Watch Jamie Bissonnette Make Tortilla Española with Potato Chips