Watch Jamie Bissonnette Make a Hangover Bloody Mary

In this episode of The College Try, our collaboration with Spoon University, chef Jamie Bissonnette makes a Bloody Mary with salsa, ketchup and ramen flavoring.

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Hi, my name is Jamie Bissonnette from Toro in Coppa Boston, and Toro New York. And I am not Spoon University with Food&Wine, and we're gonna show you how to stumble through a hungover version of a bloody Mary with things you'll already have in your fridge. [MUSIC] [SOUND] I like bloody Marys. Best hangover cure. Worst hangover cause. Oftentimes, we don't really wanna do a lot of work. Mm-hm. I don't always have tomato juice around. Yep. This is gonna be a recipe that It's easy, and you're definitely gonna be able to make at home. First, we're gonna take some salsa. Then we're going to use sauce American. Sauce American is ketchup. It's the American sauce. You're gonna thin it out with a little bit of water. I like clamato in my bloody mary, so that's where this is gonna come. Gonna cut that open We wanna take out that seasoning packet. [MUSIC] Pour a little bit inside. Rim one side of this with that Ramen spice. Next we're gonna add some ice, and next we're going to add our liquor. So add that here, pour it over the top. This is a perfect little morning snack. You can eat them like chips. [SOUND] It can be kind of a nice little crunchy garnish on the rim. If you want to lick the rim, get your mouth salivating with all that salty deliciousness. Oh wow, the ketchup adds body like canned tomato. The salsa Worcestershire and the hot sauce and everything else, it's great. I love it. [SOUND] A very easy to make bloody mary with things that you'll have in your fridge. [SOUND] [MUSIC]
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Watch Jamie Bissonnette Make a Hangover Bloody Mary