Watch: Chef Tandy Wilson's Favorite Knives

Chef Tandy Wilson of Nashville's City House reveals the humble origins of his go-to kitchen knives.

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[MUSIC] We have a you know a knife guy that came around and he would sharpened. And he sold really great tool. And so I think this was like $40. And it's big brother is the one I use at work. It was like $60. I guess I thought that I was fancier than I am for a minute and I bought like a Nenox and I love that knife and it's beautiful but it's in this drawer and this one's out It's. As a line cook, you know, I spent a hundred bucks on a couple of knives, and here I am years and years later. They're just the knives for me, is what I've realized over time. [MUSIC]
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Watch: Chef Tandy Wilson's Favorite Knives