Watch: Chef Alex Jackson Shares His Worst Shift Ever

Wilted greens. A waffle iron on fire. In this clip from Chefs Feed, chef Alex Jackson of San Francisco's Sons & Daughters, shares his worst brunch shift experience.

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Okay, yeah, this is a perfect one then. This is a great one. All right, so. I was working in Portland, Oregon, at this place. They were doing, I think 700 covers for brunch. [NOISE] Food just flies out of that kitchen. It's incredible. And I was just this goofball [LAUGH] looking kid, two weeks out of culinary school, just floating around somewhere. I was so lost. Man, way in over my head. This particular Sunday I was working garde manger. And garde manger was responsible for all the salads Waffles, desserts, and I was just dying, dying bad. The ticket machine is just ripping, duduh duduh, tickets flying around. I have them wrapped around my head like a scarf, and I don't know what tickets I've sold. I have like five giant mixing bowls full of salads. I have a waffle that's burnt to **** and it's stuck in the waffle iron. [LAUGH] smoking. Smoking is billowing out of the **** [unintelligible]. The chef was a very nice woman, but I can only imagine that I just made her furious. I can hear just like through the wall yelling at me. [profanity] And finally I knew she'd had enough. Chef comes on my line, but she's standing there, she's holding this bowl full of Super wilted greens that I probably tossed like a half hour ago, I didn't even know I have them. And she was just like starts quaking [SOUND]. And just **** back and smashes me with this bowl like and greens everywhere. All over me. The only thing I can remember is, god, don't cry, don't cry. And that was probably like 11 o'clock And we sort of feel free. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Watch: Chef Alex Jackson Shares His Worst Shift Ever