Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ Masters Breakfast in Austin

Typically, when one thinks of a breakfast sandwich, the first thing that comes to mind is runny yolk porn, most likely oozing over triple thick-cut bacon or fatty sausage, then covered in melted cheese and sandwiched between toasted bread, an everything bagel or even an English muffin. But in Austin, when I think of a breakfast sandwich, I immediately make a run towards breakfast tacos. We're famous for tacos in Austin, and they're one of the things we do best. My favorite breakfast taco in Austin is the Real Deal Holyfield from Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ. Inspired by a request from his father for huevos rancheros and BBQ, chef/owner Miguel Vidal decided to combine the two dishes for what could possibly be the greatest breakfast baby ever created. The taco starts with a hot and fluffy flour tortilla and combines a fried egg, beans, potatoes, crispy bacon and juicy, mesquite-smoked brisket. It's all topped with fresh peppery salsa. I should also mention that Vidal makes all of his BBQ in smokers behind Valentina’s trailer (yes, this is a food trailer), and the smoke and char on the brisket is perfect. The Real Deal Holyfield is heaven, and I was invited to step inside the South Austin food trailer to witness the making of the most epic breakfast taco, all for your viewing pleasure—Deana Saukam of Faim Fatale (@faimfatale) and F&W's Around the World Network

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Today we're gonna make our real deal holy field which is a giant breakfast taco. We start off with our slow smoked mesquite brisket. It goes about 15 to 18 hours on our pits. We press on our Fresh, homemade flour tortillas, charro beans that have the real serrano, bacon, a little bit more bacon, and bacon grease. Fried potatoes with a fried egg on top and ranchero salsa, a slice of bacon and a slice of a moist brisket. Hope we see you soon down here at south Austin at Valentina's Tex-Mex Barbecue.
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Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ Masters Breakfast in Austin