The Updated Traditional Kitchen

Designers Allison Smith and Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors start with the basics to take this suburban kitchen from dreary to pretty.

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi I'm Jessica Thuston, Executive Editor of Southern Living. When you're rethinking your kitchen you can make a big style statement even in a small space. This kitchen started out really dark and dated, low ceilings, low light. These homeowners were able to completely revamp it and make it look really open and airy by adding only 120 square feet. This is a classic Southern kitchen. It has all the elements that are timeless and will never go out of style. White cabinetry White marble countertops, polished nickel hardware, and a white subway tile back splash. It's a perfect marriage of vintage and modern style together, so it feels super relevant for today in a youthful, fun family. [MUSIC] In this kitchen we love this big statement hut and these home owners were so smart and got this look for less by having their cabinet maker built a hood for them out of wood that matches the cabinet tray. And then had a metal smith add the silver metal straps, with studded detail along the edges. And it's a huge look for a lot less. Less money. [MUSIC] I love the light fixtures in this kitchen. It's always important to have a pair of hanging pendants or light fixtures over an island. But these are so unexpected because they're an overscale lantern and sort of a verdigris finish. The subway tile back splash in this kitchen is so classic. It's a vintage look but it looks a little bit more modern when you add in white marble countertops. When your rethinking your kitchen, layout of appliances is so important. We always tell people to think about that triangle. It's often called the work triangle where you've got the stove, sink... [MUSIC] And refrigerator. And in this 1 they're at 3 different points which make it great. It makes everything accessible. In this case they added a microwave at one end of the island. They also positioned it lower to the floor so it's just accessible to everybody. A white farmhouse sink is always classic. I think it works because it just looks great in any application. There's an island in this kitchen that actually stands in the exact same spot as the island was before. It was really important to the home owners for this kitchen to have both a dining and a prep space. And so since they were short on space they were able to attach a dining table to the end of the island to create both a dining area and also workspace for the kitchen. [MUSIC] The designer added three upholstered chairs along the end of the table which really give it a more dressed up finished feel. And have a really fun sort of orange red print and add a lot of energy to the room and at the same time they're comfortable for dining and every day. This kitchen has custom cabinetry, one of the great ideas here is two different colors. There's white cabinets along the perimeter of the kitchen and then the island they painted a soft gray color which is a really nice pop against the light. The designer was able to carve out a little area for a desk and a chair and a bulletin board. Sort of serves as a command central for this family. When you have a white kitchen it's great to always add some energy with bright fun colors, and fabric, and window treatments. The pair of Roman shades in this kitchen have a really fun red and white boutique inspired print on them which add a lot of youthful energy to them They're also hung as close to the ceiling as possible which make those windows look a lot bigger than they actually are. [MUSIC] Reclaimed oak floors add just a great natural warmth to this kitchen. They range in size from 8 to 12 inches wide, and that sort of random pattern just gives a really nice sort of homey feel to this space. [MUSIC] What was once a dark and dated kitchen is now open and vibrant thanks to fun fabrics and color. And creative design details. Check out Southern Living for more kitchen makeovers and design inspiration.
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The Updated Traditional Kitchen