Underrated Wine Region: Virginia

Master sommelier Carlton McCoy talks about the rise of Virginia wine.

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[MUSIC] Our example for Virginia wine today is the [UNKNOWN] vineyards. I was absolutely shocked by this wine, I never really knew Virginia was producing wine like this. As a native Washingtonian, Virginia wines were one of the first visions that I sort of cut my teeth in. And back then it was very difficult to find a wine that you would drink, let alone put on a wine list. The region were known for sort of foxy red wines and sort of thin white wines. And sort of due to, I think, the inconsistency in the weather and the really high rainfall, you know, you've got temperatures that are either 120 in the middle of August. If you've ever been in D.C., very similar weather. Or 40 degrees for season. So, really inconsistent weather, but today's RDV I think really surprised me now. It was really exiting to see the potential of our Virginia wine. I'm really excited to see what they'll be growing next. So. [MUSIC]
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Underrated Wine Region: Virginia