Underrated Wine Region: Texas

Food & Wine's Ray Isle talks about the evolution of Texas wine over the last decade.

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[MUSIC] I think Texas has become one of the more interesting wine regions, wine producing states in the country. It's obviously not as well known as California, or Oregon or Washington, but in the past ten years there's been some remarkable progress In terms of making really top notch wines coming out of Texas. One example is this Reserve Tannat from Bending Branch winery which is near Austin. I tasted this at a festival in Texas and thought, you know, my gosh these guys are doing top quality, can go head-to-head with any major wine region wines here. And it's just fascinating to see a wine industry This really comes out of sort of nothing. And you've got beautiful wineries and wine production down in the hill county. And all of a sudden you've got the high plains near Lubbock. It's without a doubt a place to an eye on if your a wine lover. [MUSIC]
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Underrated Wine Region: Texas