The Ultimate Italian Sub

In this clip from Chefs Feed, the duo behind Charleston's Artisan Meat share what goes into their amazing Italian Sub.

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We never really said we're going to open a restaurant. The idea behind it is, we're already turning these meats, and we figured out how to make a wonderful bread. Now let's put them together. Just want a good product done well by good people. The Italian was the quintessential sub chop sandwich that started everything we wanted to do around the meat. We take a nice soft shell gyro, place it on the Panini press so it's crusty on the outside and nice and soft and warm on the inside. Lay down a layer of our subsar, a mayonnaise, dijon, vinegar, parmesan, salt, pepper, oil. Mortabella and then we do a picante [UNKNOWN] which is a hot spicy salami. We also do an olive loaf studded with Queen green olives that we get from California. [BLANK_AUDIO] Then we shred lettuce, nicely, thinly shaved onion, sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper, spicy pickled pepper rings, shaved Auricchio provolone. Put toothpicks in it, cut it in half. [SOUND] Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. [LAUGH] It's gotta be one the best Italian cold cuts you've ever had. Most of the people will probably argue I could split this with somebody but I've already taken a bite and now I don't want to. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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The Ultimate Italian Sub