The Trick to Flaky Pie Crust

Jonathan Waxman reveals the secret weapon you need to make ultra-flaky pie crust.

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[MUSIC] I've got my frozen dough, or semi-frozen dough. I've got a device that's not normally used in baking. It's used in making enchiladas. So here you go. Now I have a friend in London who has the River Cafe, Ruthie Rogers. And she taught me this little trick, about how to not have any gluten in your pie. And here's the trick. Put this nice little cheese grater inside your pie plate. And you just grate the dough. [SOUND] Into the pie shell. [SOUND] And what does this do? It makes a beautiful, wonderful, non-gluten, non-tough crust. [SOUND] And isn't that beautiful? So what happens is, we're gonna take this, [BLANK_AUDIO] and we're just gonna flatten it out. [BLANK_AUDIO] Just with my fingers. [BLANK_AUDIO] You're supposed to have fun when you cook and I think this is the most fun I've ever had cooking is grating this dough. [MUSIC]
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The Trick to Flaky Pie Crust