Toyota Venza - Lori Berkowitz

Toyota Venza - Lori Berkowitz - 726x408

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[MUSIC] I'm Lori Berkowitz. I'm a photographer in New York City. I take portraits of all kinds of people. Actresses, musicians, babies, anyone who wants to look like the best versions of themselves. I love to do portraits because I feel like I can, Take what's most beautiful about a person and really enhance that, and let them see that. And I see that they see themselves differently. They walk a little taller, their smile is a little brighter. They'll carry that with them for a long time. I never studied photography in school I got a Bachelor's of Sociology, but as soon as I got out I followed my instincts to make photography my life. So I started out getting a job photo editing in a Textbook company and then I wound up getting a mentorship with a famous portrait photographer and she made me believe in myself that if I really wanted this I could go after it and I could absolutely do it and I decided to go for it. Now I'm in a place where I'm able to mentor people. And I do it because I want people that have this drive to believe in themselves. What drives me is doing meaningful work that means something to people, and capturing that one moment that they'll always. They'll always have that photo to go back to. They'll always have that image of themselves to remember. And to enjoy for the rest of their lives. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Toyota Venza - Lori Berkowitz