Toyota Venza - Dawn Casale

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[MUSIC] Initially I started One Girl Cookies out of my apartment, and I was the one girl. So essentially I would wake up in the morning. I would bake, package and then go out and deliver my cookies. [MUSIC] The business began to slowly grow and evolve. We have 17 employees now. We also do weddings cakes and cupcakes of course. And we're in the process of opening our second location. So, a lot has changed over the past ten years. This is absolutely my dream job. And, it started with me just having a true passion for food and sharing that with other people. I met my husband through this business and then created our own little kooky community here in a really wonderful corner of the world. [MUSIC] There's usually a story behind most everything we sell here, whether it was a family recipe or an ingredient that my grandmother loved. So it was incorporated into a cookie. There's a history behind it. I grew up in a very food oriented family. Everyone sat there together as a family, big Italian family meal. Food was just almost a vehicle to get us to be there together. [MUSIC] When I was ready to start this business my family was very supportive. They made me feel like I could absolutely do it and encourage me to do it. The biggest inspiration for me was my dad. He always had advice for me and I think that my dad helped inspire me to become a mentor, because I realized how important and valuable advice, and guidance, and the sharing the experiences is. You have to remember that Somebody else was there to help you so it is almost your duty, your entrepreneurial duty to help other people. [MUSIC] it's just so rewarding to come here everyday and know that you're making even a little impact on people's lives. It's cookies so people leave happy. Maybe they don't come in happy, but they leave happy. What more could you ask for? [MUSIC]
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Toyota Venza - Dawn Casale