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[MUSIC] I'm Charles Turner i'm currently pursuing my passion as a mens coat ware designer. At the moment I still have a day job in financial servers where i've been for the past 16 years but i've also been designing mens foot ware off and on for the last six years. A few years ago I had an internship with a buyer in the industry. And he gave me the push that I needed to pursue my dreams. And here I am a couple of years later, working on my second collection. Right now, I'm still in transition. I think it's just going to take longer than I think I originally anticipated. I think in the beginning I was probably a little naive but, this in one of those things that I'm really driven about and passionate about. So, I don't really see an end date. The goal is to transition to do this full-time, so I'm just gonna keep trying different avenues, [LAUGH] different ways to be able to get to that point. When you take your design to a sample maker and your able to see it go from paper to actual product, it's beautiful to kind of see work being done. You almost don't want anyone to wear. You just kinda want to look at it for a little bit. It's like it's art. First time I saw all the shoes I designed a couple years ago it made me feel proud to be able to get to that point and to feel like I'm leaving some foot prints, metaphorically speaking for my children to kinda have something to follow in. So I don't know whatever dream you have, no matter how bizarre someone else may think it is. Because some people will think its bizarre to go from finance to footwear but you continue to follow your heart and dreams. [silence]
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Toyota Venza - CharlesTurner