Tour the Bunk Room Bath of the Coronado Showhouse

This kids’ bathroom sports a nautical theme that is echoed in its red, white, and blue palette. The spacious farmhouse sink with two faucets works well for a crowd.

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The bunk room bath, the big moment is really the crisscross tile that we found. It's sort of a Swiss cross and we brought it to chairwell height around the room. And then all the way to the ceiling and the shower. And so when you step in the room and see textured tile all the way to the ceiling, it's still white so it works with the palette of the house and it's clean but the pattern is So interesting. [MUSIC] There's some hits of red around the room. There's red-trimmed towels and a red-framed mirror and some more flags and flag-inspired art. [MUSIC] And we used red hardware pulls for the cabinetry, which real fun. We used a big farm house sink, which you don't always see in a bathroom. But it's a kids space and it's fun and easy to clean. And we used two sink taps on the one big sink. [MUSIC] We really pay attention to storage. There's medicine cabinets on either side of the main mirror. There's a nautical flag tying in the rest of the theme. And they're just graphic ways to add some fun pops of color on the walls.
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Tour the Bunk Room Bath of the Coronado Showhouse