Top U.S. Inns & Lodges

Discover charming properties from the Rockies to Cape Cod.

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[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Sarah from Travel and Leisure. And I'm Nilou. In our annual World's Best Awards survey. we take the pulse of some of the world's top globetrotters. Just like you. Here, their picks for top American Inns and Lodges. For the ultimate Rocky Mountain fantasy, Montana's Triple Creek Ranch wins for its plush log cabins with wood burning fireplaces. Whether you're looking for adrenaline pumping helicopter tours or a horseback Followed by a mountainside picnic. Cowboy booted staffers tailor itineraries just for you. Tu Tu Tun Lodge on Oregon's Rogue River is a perennial favorite. Come ready to fly fish, hike, or get in a round of golf. Check out The Wilcox in Akin, South Carolina. The guest rooms have plenty of antebellum charm. And here's another place with private fireplaces. Utah's dramatic landscape is the perfect match for Amangiri, which is Aman hotel's second US outpost. One standout feature is the pool that's built around these massive boulders and then you get these incredible expansive views of the sculpted Utah wilderness beyond. It's stunning. The whole family will love Wequasset Resort and Golf Club, on a sailboat-filled inlet in Cape Cod. It's picture perfect. Clabbered cottages, 22 acres of gardens and amazing water views. Thanks for watching. Have a great trip! [MUSIC]
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Top U.S. Inns & Lodges