Top Chef 11: New Orleans, Ep. 13 - Oui Si A Challenge

Culinary legend Jacques Pépin challenges the chefs to meld New Orleans' French and Spanish influences.

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Jacque wrote the book on technique. Literally. It's actually called La Technique. In this quick fire, your technical skills will be under the microscope. Technique is everything to a chef. If you're not cutting something right, if you're not cooking something right, it affects the outcome of the dish. Dish and Jacques Pepin knows his stuff. Each of you will get to prepare Jacques' all-time favorite dish, Dover Sole with artichoke and asparagus. Jacques is going to show you how to make his Dover Sole, then you will have thirty-five minutes to prepare Your version yourself. The winner of this quick fire will have immunity in the next elimination challenge. Enjoy your cooking lesson. By chefs. Okay guys, let's cook. I will start to do off the chop bottom, because this is what's going to take the longest to cook. To remove this you have to cut that on the [UNKNOWN] A little bit of olive oil. The [UNKNOWN] shalot. The [UNKNOWN] garnish is going to be the [UNKNOWN] To see a legend like Jacque Chopan, just like okay. I'm just gonna mess around, and cook some stuff in front of you real quick. It's like a dream true. Also to serve with it we're going to do our own cherry tomato. Any size you want. When you serve that to your guess, they say the best tomato they've ever had. And now the salt. Watching Jacques, it's literally effortless. I could use another 30 years of experience before I go into this quick fire for sure. Now if you're in the mood, your butter is going to be butter rose. And now you can charge 30 bucks for it. [LAUGH] And this is it, put your finger in it, taste the sauce. Important, warm plate, warm food. You have 35 minutes to duplicate that dish and serve it just right. Good luck to you. Your time starts now. [MUSIC]
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Top Chef 11: New Orleans, Ep. 13 - Oui Si A Challenge