Top Chef 11: New Orleans, Ep. 11 - Giving It The College Try

This week, the chefs prepare poultry drumstick dishes for guest judge Questlove before heading to LSU's campus to serve students.

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Hit it guys! What is this? What is going on? Get down. Do it Carrie. Carrie, do it. It's pretty cool to see these guys pounding through the kitchen. And at the end of the drumline there's a ton of drumsticks, but the edible kind. [MUSIC] Can you guess what it is? [LAUGH] The drumstick. [APPLAUSE] I love a good drumstick so much so that they're the signature dish on my menu at Hybird. Now we do ours fried but you can make a drumstick a thousand different ways. Chefs, you have 30 minutes to prepare a dish with any of the drumsticks you see on display. But they're first come first serve. Half an hour is pushing it from the cooking time. Out of all of them, I wouldn't want the turkey drum stick. I think that that's got to cook for a lot longer than we have. The winner of this quick fire will have immunity. Your time starts now. Good luck. [MUSIC] Is she okay? Yeah, I'm fine. Got it, I got it. Got it, I got it. Oh. [MUSIC] But do you know gentlemen, I picked Shirley up and instead of grabbing my protein that I would like and then she grabbed the protein that I like. And I am left with lovable quail legs. What do you guys Duck. I took a fall for it. I said, bam.
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Top Chef 11: New Orleans, Ep. 11 - Giving It The College Try